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Reg. name,"Lucky Sevens King of Hearts" born Mar. 27 2009.
Newman is our Foundation sire for our working Dane program. He is our forever puppy and spoiled rotten! Newman sleeps in our bed every night <3 .His genes are behind most of the Danes in our program. He has incredible work ethic, as well as a great sense of humor!  He passes these wonderful traits on to his babies on down to his great grandson, Sir Uno Emerson SDIT.


Reg. name,"Lucky Sevens Amazing Grace CGC" born Oct. 13 2007

Gracie is our foundation Dam. She is simply the BEST!  Gracie and Newman produced 3 amazing litters together. Ebony is their daughter and the one we chose to keep for our program. Gracie is the epitome of a working Dane! I am hopeful our newest addition, Sundae will have many of Gracies working traits <3


Coming soon! This page will be a gallery of all the Danes at PSAZ and what their role is in our program, from founding Sires and Dams to puppies in training as Mobility Assistance Dogs 

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